Homeport At Last!

In this final welcome email you will find everything you need to get acclimated to the Marina, including videos to assist in navigation to your slip, codes to the bathroom and laundry, the WiFi password, and links to follow us on social media.

Choose your approach.

The entry into our marina consists of a federal channel that navigates you through two rock jetties to a junction buoy where you are meant to choose either Tracey’s Creek ahead of you, or Rockhold Creek on your starboard. Please note that where the two creeks split is a well marked shoal. The picture as well as the links to the videos below will help you navigate around the shoal so that you may arrive at your slip with ease.

Both the Rockhold Creek Channel and the Tracey’s Creek Channel will take you to Shipwright where the docks are marked by a flock of red flags. However, if your slip is located on F-Dock or slip E-44 through E-61, click the first button to watch a video on how to navigate down Tracy’s Creek. If your slip is located anywhere else in the marina (A through E dock) click the second button to watch a video on how to navigate down Rockhold Creek. Use the map to help locate which creek your slip is located in.

Use our webcam as a tool to check real time weather conditions by clicking the button below.

Wash up

This off season we renovated our bathrooms top to bottom. Once you’ve docked and settled in, check out the heads to freshen up. We have three bathrooms on site : a Men’s, a Women’s, and the Yard Head. The Men’s and Women’s bathrooms have stall toilets and separate showers and can be accessed 24/7 with the code 1357. The Yard Head is a private bathroom complete with shower, toilet, and vanity. The code is C714. A little tidbit to remember it is “Charlie, July 14th.”

The same code (C714) applies to the Laundry Room which is located on the back side of the bath-house building under the steps. The machines are coin operated and cost $2.00 per cycle. If you need quarters you can stop by the office during open hours to obtain some.

Now that you’ve freshened up, no doubt you’ll be looking for a place to fuel up with some good food and drink. You can log-in to our WiFi by selecting the strongest signal of “SWHM onSpot #” and logging in with the password onspotwifi. From there you can browse away to find the perfect lunch spot. Or just use our handy restaurant guide from our last email to take your pick of the best grub around.

Follow Us on Social Media!

We post to Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Facebook boasts our event schedule and keeps you up to date with notices and happenings. Instagram shows up to the moment images of all of Shipwright’s projects, people, and events. And you can use our YouTube channel to watch helpful navigational videos and timelapse project videos.

We hope this series of emails provided you with helpful information and gave you the tools to make the most out of your new homeport at Shipwright. As always, if questions arise, stop by the office and ask away! We’re here 9-5 daily and will always appreciate your input, help if there are questions, and will do the best to make your boating experience convenient, fun, and memorable.

Your Guide to Deale


Deale, Maryland is a hidden gem on the Chesapeake Bay. You’ll find restaurants, farmers markets, carnivals, outdoor activities and more nestled in this Herring Bay town. Use this as your guide to the area to make the most of your boating season here at Shipwright.



Check out the list below for restaurants in the area. We give you the scoop on where they are, what you’ll see on the menu, and how you can get there whether it be by car, boat, bike, or water taxi.

Restaurant & Sports Bar

421 Deale Rd
Tracys Landing, MD 20779

Get there: Car, Boat, Water Taxi, Walk, Bike
Eat up: American Fare & Seafood

Open for lunch, dinner, and weekend brunch. Check out their website for their full menu. Available this year are preferred customer cards which will offer monthly specials unique to Shipwright Slipholders. Cards will be distributed by the marina office.

Happy Harbor Restaurant

533 Deale Rd
Deale, MD 20751

Get there: Car, Boat, Water Taxi, Walk, Bike
Eat up: American Fare & Seafood

Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Check out their website for full menu.

Skipper’s Pier
Restaurant & Dock Bar

Get there: Car, Boat, Water Taxi
Eat up: American Fare & Seafood

Open for lunch and dinner. Check out their website for full menu.

South County Cafe

Get there: Car, Walk, Bike
Eat up: Homemade, Local Fare

Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Check out their website for full menu.

Umai Sushi House

Get there: Car, Bike
Eat up: Asian Cuisine & Sushi

Open for lunch and dinner. Check out their profile on zomato.com to see full menu.

Petie Greens

Get there: Car, Bike
Eat up: American Fare & Seafood

Open for lunch and dinner. Check out their website for full menu.


Deale is a hidden gem of activity. Use this guide to take advantage of the events and activities only the locals have the scoop on.

Herring Bay and The Creeks

Herring Bay and it’s tributaries, Rockhold and Tracey’s Creeks, are nice waterways in which you can experience a great day on the water without the commitment of going far.


Herring Bay offers a popular day anchorage with a scenic shoreline. Prevailing winds during the summer are out of the Southwest which means Herring Bay is often protected.


Many boaters enjoy swimming and floating in rafts on Herring Bay. Others enjoy water-skiing or pulling kids in tubes.


Many local boaters enjoy short trips across Herring Bay and up and down the creeks. There are five waterfront restaurants and bars to which you can dock. Check a kayak out from the office for a pleasant paddle up the scenic creeks. From Herring Bay, countless destinations are within a day or weekend trip.


Fertile fishing grounds frequented by amateurs and pros alike are nearby. Rockfish (Striped Bass) and Bluefish are often found off Holland Point and Poplar Island. Some enjoy drifting in 5′-10′ of water in Herring Bay and catching spot, perch, and croaker.


Borrow a Bike

We have two bikes available to borrow from the office. Check one out to explore one of the many local happenings Deale has to offer, or just cruise around this Bay Country town.

Local Events

The residents of Deale know how to have fun, and it shows in the events they host throughout the summer season. Here are just a few you should take advantage of while you’re in the area.

SoCo Farmer’s Market

The South County Farmer’s Market is a local favorite. Located at Cedar Grove Methodist Church in the heart of Deale. Stop by to pick up some fresh local produce and artisan products.

Annual Fireman’s Carnival

The Deale Volunteer Fire Department puts on a carnival every year. A fun family event complete with arcade style games, rides, and typical carnival food.

Deale’s Annual Parade of Lights

The inaugural parade was a huge hit this past winter. All are welcome to sign up to show their holiday spirit, and of course all are welcome to watch the festivities! Shipwright’s T-Heads offer front row seats to the show. We’ll keep you posted on this year’s date, in the meantime, start planning that epic display!


The plethora of boat services here make boating in Deale easy and convenient. Anything and everything you could possibly need repaired, upgraded, or added to your boat can be accomplished in this salty town. We’ve compiled this list to offer a guide the next time you need your bottom painted, mast stepped, or hull waxed.

The Yacht Center at Herrington Harbour North

The Yacht Center at Herrington Harbour North is a full service yard with contractors of nearly every discipline. Check out their website for a full list of their on-site contractors. The best part? They’re just across the creek from us.

Hagan’s Marine Service

Hagan’s Marine Service is Shipwright’s on-site mechanic. They can take care of all your vessels systems, from engine re-powering to bilge pump replacements and everything in between. Give them a call at (410) 570-3034 or send them an email at hagansmarineservices@gmail.com with any of your mechanical needs.

West Marine

Located at Herrington Harbour North, just across the creek from Shipwright, this West Marine is easily accessible and offers the inventory for any of your boating needs.

Do It Best: Deale Hardware and Home Center

Known for great customer service, convenience, and a solid inventory, Do It Best is a great resource for any do-it-yourself boat maintenance.

You are always welcome to come into the office to ask us about our favorite local activity, restaurant, or Chesapeake Bay destination. Still to come is the final installment in this series which will give you docking aides and the information you need to really settle in to your new homeport.