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Volume II . Issue I

Boating Friends Forever

Tell Your BFFs About Shipwright!

Boating with friends is always more fun, that’s why when you refer a friend to Shipwright we offer a 5% BFF Discount on slip fees for you and your friend when they sign up for an annual slip!

*Your friend cannot have been a Shipwright Slipholder within the past two years.*

Get your projects scheduled now!

With winter well underway, your spring projects may seem like something you have plenty of time to worry about later. But now is the time to get on the schedule with your preferred contractors for all of your off season projects.

Don’t wait!

Getting on their schedule now means you won’t have to be squeezed in later and it gives you the chance to get back on the water earlier in the spring!

Keep in mind that our yard at Shipwright has a launch deadline of
April 30th if your boat is currently wintering on land here!

Warm Winter Bay Fun

With winter in full effect boating boredom starts to set in. Check out this list of places you and the kiddos can go to get excited about summer and enjoy a little bit of the Bay in the comfort of the (heated) indoors.
Drum Point Lighthouse is located at the Calvert Marine Museum in Solomons, Md. (Image by hatchski/Flickr)

Come down and check on your boat

We’ve kept our eye on things during the snow but now is the time to come down and see for yourself. Checking on your boat ensures that it’s draining properly, the bilges are still operating correctly, and that everything is still in good condition for what’s still to come. We’re here 9am-5pm everyday if you need a hand!